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computer parts and accesories

1)  Which words were completely new for you? Camcorde, Flip cam, Printer cable, portable drive, USB hub.

2) What’s the most difficult word for you to remember? Camcorde, Printes cable, Headset.

3) What’s your favourite word from the list? wireless hub

computer parts

Computer vocabulary - picture of a DVD
a tower PC = una torre de ordinador 
Simple computer words - a tower PC
a pair of speakers = un parell d’altaveus
Basic computer vocabulary - a pair of speakers
a screen = una pantalla
English Vocabulary for beginners - a computer screen
a monitor = un monitor
Simple words for ICT - a monitor
a desktop PC = un pc d’escriptori 
English words for ICT - a desktop PC
a printer = una impressora 
Computing Vocabulary - a printer
a CD = un CD
Easy words for computing - a CD
a workstation = una estació de treball 
Learn English for ICT - a computer workstation
a keyboard = un teclat 
English Vocabulary - a computer keyboard
a pair of headphones = uns auriculars 
ICT words - a pair of headphones
a laptop = un ordinador portàtil 
Computer words - a laptop
a mobile phone = un mòbil 
ICT words - a mobile phone
mobile devices = dispositiu mòbil 
Computer words - mobile devices
a mouse = un ratolí
Computer words for beginners - a mouse
a CD drive = un dispositiu de CD
ICT vocabulary for young learners - a CD drive
a scanner = un escàner 
Basic vocabulary for ICT - a scanner
a tablet PC = un tablet pc 
             English Computer Vocabulary - an ipad


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